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Day 05: Favorite crest.

Hope is an extremely important crest to have. I think it's the most powerful, and it has the best design. But mine won't glow. :(

I own the crest of Curiosity. And that of Courage. Bought them from [ profile] novemberfalls at Otakon who makes tags and crests which are totally amazing. Both are really important to me, and I think courage is the most so, because curiosity comes so naturally. Maybe it's because of my natural shyness - I need courage to talk to people half the time - but OTOH, I've met a lot of people who can't stand up for who they are, for what they believe in. Who can't be counted on to do the right thing if it gives them social disapproval or personal harm. Who wouldn't reach through an electric fence with a glitch in it to save a good friend.

I haven't been on my adventure yet, but I like to think I would.

Day 06: A pairing you wish existed.

Sora/Takeru, or Sokeru. They don't interact enough, but the scenes when they do interact are ridiculously cute. Takeru wants to wants to stay and fight Piemon with her, takes his promise to protect Hikari he made to her seriously, and cheers her up when she's emoing in the early Vamdemon arc. I shipped it hardcore when I shipped things, and I still have a soft spot for it.

Day 07: A pairing you hate

I mostly just don't like the idea of destined love. And the overpopularity. People ship them because hope and light and angel digimon and their closeness in age, and not as much from their interactions, which I don't like *that* much. And I don't like how the dub plays them up, either. Besides, I ship rival pairings.


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